G. Hartley Mellish, Ph.D. Economist primarily deals with damages in litigation on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants in a roughly equal balance. This includes:
  1. Personal injury and death damages (loss of income or support, loss of value of services, the amount required to cover future medical/attendant care expenses and loss of net estate accumulations)
  2. Business damages (loss of profits as well as business valuation). There is approximately a 50% split between the two types of cases.

Dr. Mellish also is involved in a small percentage of non-litigation matters.
Recent activities have included:

  1. The fiscal impact of new housing / industrial / commercial developments,
  2. The probable absorption rate of new developments,
  3. The fiscal consequences of using state trust funds to finance Florida’s budget deficit.

For additional information on the types of cases Dr. Mellish has been involved with in the past, please refer to Case Studies.

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