Dr. Mellish has been involved in many large verdict cases. Three memorable cases are described below.


A security guard, Mr. Hiscock, was severly injured in an armored car accident. Dr. Mellish's testimony provided the jury accurate information so as to arrive at an appropriate award to address Mr. Hiscock's future medical needs and other economic suffering. The jury awarded Mr. Hiscock $34 million.

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Allan Navarro, a machine operator, was misdiagnosed by emergency room doctors. As a result he was forever disabled. This case was a high profile case. A $217 million verdict resulted.

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This med-mal case involves a 33-yr old man with a 10th grade education, loading trucks for a trucking company at the time of injury. Negligence by the 911 Operator and the Paramedics resulted in Mr. Edwards becoming a quadriplegic. According to the Senate’s Special Master’s Final Report, Mr. Edwards was awarded $2.4 million plus the sovereign immunity limit of $100,000 paid by the County prior to settlement.

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