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  • ASSESSMENT OF PERSONAL INJURY DAMAGES, 5TH EDITION: This book by Christopher Bruce, Ph.D., gives a good breakdown on how to evaluate personal injury cases in Canada. Click here to see a synopsis of the book or to purchase it.
  • Including Causation in a Lost Profits Analysis: An article from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts provides an overview and some simple guidelines related to the Expert's role in establishing causation. The question of causation has many times been overlooked and left to the province of the trier of fact or jury; however, the economist can be instrumental in establishing causation by ruling out other possible causes for a decline in profits. Read the full article from .
  • THE FORECASTER, August 2017 Issue: a Newsletter published by the National Association of Forensic Economist included an article on Calculating Employer Paid Health Benefits. The article provides an quick reference form indicating the types of payments included in Box 12 Code DD on W-2 forms along with examples of how to determine the Employer paid portion of the amount reported. Click here to read the article or here for the entire Newsletter.

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Life Care Plan Experts in Florida:

Paul Deutsch, Ph.D.
Oviedo, FL
(407) 977-3223

Michael Shahnasarian, Ph.D.           
Tampa, FL
(813) 265-9262
Career Consultants of America

Lawrence Forman, CRC           
Miami, FL           
(305) 595-8232
Comprehensive Rehabilitation Consultants, Inc.

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